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GPTC Agenda 02 Feb 2009

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  • Finish up the discussion of the GPTC Agenda 20 Jan 2009.
  • From the referred previous agenda, two main questions should have the Committee's attention:
  1. Can a set of criterion be established to define OWASP priorities in terms of projects available to be sponsored by our OWASP Members?
  2. We need to set up as as possible a new season of code. How will it be done? FYI - Current SoC's status.

Proposed deliverables for meeting:

  • Complete 'report for OWASP board' list (see below)
  • new projects approval process

Other items to discuss

  • Tools and Projects Committee Podcast

Report for OWASP Board - Jan 09

  • Areas of 'ownership' for this committee
    • Decision: New project template/table to be applied on all pages
    • Projects page
  • Decision: Financially support committee members on expenses incurred while participating on Committee conference calls
  • Decision: Proposed workflow & chain-of-command for Paulo Coimbra
  • Decision: Closure of the Summer of Code (based on FYI)
    • Paulo will do a final contact to the pending projects
  • Proposed model for the next Season of Code
    • Track A) Climbing up the quality/Assessment ladder
    • Track B) Innovation
    • Track C) Integration
    • caveat is that by the end of the SoC 09 any project that has not been rated becomes a Alpha
    • Deadline:
      • Launch SoC: 4th March
      • Deadline for applications: 26th March
      • Deadline for Board Decision: 8th April
      • Start of SoC 09: 9th April
      • Completion for SoC 09 is next OWASP USA conference
  • Budget for next Season of Code 09
    • 125,000k (100k for participants and 25k for reviewers)
    • Ticket for Summit is worth 2,000 USD, and each applicant can 'buy' it with their SoC (remember that Summit is going to be invitation only)
    • New Projects Page stucture
      • Meet the assessment Criteria
      • Under classification
    • Beta Quality
      • Meet the assessment Criteria
      • Under classification
    • Alpha Quality