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GPC Info On Editing Templates

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for an example of this in action see OWASP_Project_Details_Table which uses the Template:OWASP_Project_Details_Row to create the row table from each project information page, for example:

The content should be on a page called: GPC_Project_Details/{project name} , for example the content for the Category:OWASP XML Security Gateway Evaluation Criteria Project should be at the page GPC_Project_Details/OWASP XML Security Gateway Evaluation Criteria and you have to make sure that the template is set to:

  {{Template:<includeonly>{{{1}}}</includeonly><noinclude>OWASP Project Identification Tab</noinclude> 
 | project_name = OWASP XML Security Gateway Evaluation Criteria Project 
 | project_description = 
 __NOTOC__ <headertabs />

The good news of the way this template is now set-up is that the user can view the 'template driven page' with a nice table format GPC_Project_Details/OWASP_XML_Security_Gateway_Evaluation_Criteria and at the same time we can use that same information on other pages, for example on OWASP_Project_Details_Table by simply pointing to the content page and the template to use:

 {{:GPC_Project_Details/OWASP_XML_Security_Gateway_Evaluation_Criteria | OWASP Project Details Row}}

what the above line is doing is transforming the content of GPC_Project_Details/OWASP_XML_Security_Gateway_Evaluation_Criteria with the template template:OWASP Project Details Row Note the : on the GPC_Project_Details since without it the name has to start with Template, for example: Template:GPC_Project_Detail