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GPC Agenda 2009-09-28

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Previous meetings and Dial-in details

see GPC Meetings for previous GPC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details


From Previous Meeting/Follow up

  • Modification of Assessment Criteria v2 (ACv2) - selecting optional items
    • Review of email templates to reflect any changes from above.
  • Freezing ACv2 requirements for a set period of time (e.x. 2 years)
    • Determine process to make minor modifications during the 'feature freeze' - perhaps Board approval of changes

  • Spreading OWASP Project Details Tab through ALL OWASP Projects.
    • ALL the projects with defined leadership already HAVE the GPC Project Details Tab - Check out "OWASP Projects Dashboard",
      • Methodology to fill in the referred tab?
      • Methodology to link the tab to each project?
    • Does it make sense keeping in our new template the field Project Health while the criteria for its assessment haven't been built still? Couldn't we "hide" it until it is ready for public display?

  • New Assessment Criteria
    • Jason/Pravir – case studies & documentation the assessment criteria

  • Honorary memberships to be given to "active" OWASP participants (chapter leader, project participants, etc.). Chapter and projects committees to submit proposal for persons to be given membership.

  • Projects committee should determine which projects/project leaders are supported financially. Travel, evangelism, publication, training, etc.....
    • Matt Tesauro's draft to deal with this kind of issues.

  • Committee members' evaluation process.
    • "GPC - Send 'Individual Committee Member' online form".

Current Meeting

  • GPC internals

Issues for next Meeting

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  • Meeting started 10PM/GMT+1
  • Add here