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GPC Agenda 2009-05-04

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Meeting start time 2100 GMT

  • Finalize SoC Mechanics
  • Present OWASP Project Owner Spring 2009 Self Update results
  • Agree on grant status for certain OWASP "projects"
  • Discuss strategy for new project contributors (i.e., OWASP Metrics)
  • Determine strategy for evaluating projects for adoption or archival
  • Discuss project templates/roadmap for Level 0 projects
  • Discuss strategy for imposing release version naming convention for OWASP projects to avoid confusion of alpha/beta quality designators

Meeting end time 0045 GMT


  • Vote to remove "DRAFT" status on agenda from GPC page (approved)
  • Vote to have hard deadline for all SoC Projects (Sept 15th for 50%, Dec 15th for 100%) (approved)


  • GPC will evaluate proposals and select projects for board approval
  • SoC will be release driven (evaluated by release criteria)
  • Creating June 1 deadline for project templates
  • Project proposals need complete project functional roadmap
    • Roadmap should include technical detail
    • Roadmap should include mile markers for alpha, beta, stable releases
    • Proposals will identify objective, measurable goals in roadmap to mark as 50% and 100% review points
  • 50% review should be beta quality (if applicable) and 50% milepost in roadmap
  • We are encouraging projects to be smaller in scope
  • Agreed on the following: "The participant will create a roadmap for the project that includes technical requirements, functional requirements, and quality requirements. Preference will be given to proposals that use the existing OWASP Beta and Stable requirements for quality supplemented with their own technical and functional requirements."

Action Items

  • Pravir will create a template for a project proposal
  • Create wiki templates for assessment criteria
  • Fix broken links in OWASP Season of Code 2009
  • Need to update schedule for SoC