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GPC Agenda 2009-04-27

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(Meeting Start: 2100 GMT)

  • Agreed that there should be three levels to "releases": alpha, beta and "Level 3" (disagreement still exists on the name for "Level 3")
  • Agreed that there should be two levels to "projects": "Level 1" and "Level 2" (with an implicit "Level 0" for projects that have nothing produced)
  • Agreed that entrance criteria into "Level 1" is at least a Beta "release".
  • Postponed discussion on the entrance criteria to "Level 2" until post-SoC launch
  • Left open the possibility of a "Level 3" for projects that the GPC can use to strategically steer focus/spotlight for OWASP Projects.
  • Next meeting should focus on the exit criteria for SoC. Note that because SOC falls under both the OWASP Projects governance and the OWASP Grant framework, the exit criteria for SOC does not have to be strictly based on the project criteria being established.

(Meeting Ended: 2330 GMT)