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GPC Agenda 2009-04-04

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  • "Release" qualifiers: Alpha, Beta, Release
  • "Projects" qualifiers: Startup, Incubation, Community Endorsed
  • "Activity" qualifiers: active, inactive
  • "Roles": leaders, mentors, maintainers, contributors, reviewers
  • Jason will draft a proposal for new project governance structure (projects vs releases, project statuses, roles, etc)
  • We need to tackle governance of things like overarching "projects" like ESAPI
  • New Project tab should be "Project Summary"
  • Dinis will ask Larry about wiki capability in order to store project summary info separately in a central place and allow owners to choose between tab vs table version.
  • Discussion to extract the SoC "framework" to generalize an OWASP Grant "framework" while maintaining the time box and identity of SoC.