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GPC Agenda 2009-03-17

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Items to cover:

  • Coveras' survey proposal
  • Google SoC
  • Project surveys
  • Project headers
  • Mailing list change over to global_projects_committee?
  • New committee members and mailing list access

Outstanding requests:

  • locally delivered training sessions
  • International Security Challenge project idea (Sarb)


  • Coveras' proposal decision will be postponed until SoC. We need to have an understanding of the opportunity costs of investing in this proposal in terms of our ability to support other projects
  • Google Application will be posted to the wiki
  • Project surveys will be sent out ASAP
  • Email to leaders list will includ mentioning orphans up for adoption
  • How do we establish guidelines/rules of engagement/governance/criteria/etc for anything in OWASP that's not a project? Is that even really our jurisdiction?
  • Is there another category for OWASP Projects?
  • People will move to new mailing list global_projects_committee but history will remain with old list; old mailing list will remain for a brief time to catch any stragglers
  • When projects metadata is gathered, another piece of data will be whether project is mature enough to support local chapter training
  • Establishing rules for governance of OWASP will be considered for the future