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GPC 2011 Summit Outcomes

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Summary of GPC 2011 Global Summit Working Session Outcomes

During the working session, the GPC solicited feedback on two GPC initiatives: OWASP Projects Hosting and the OWASP Project Lifecycle. The Project Hosting initiative is an effort to provide a consistent, centralized infrastructure for OWASP projects so we better manage, support and promote projects. The Project Lifecycle initiative is an effort to help clarify the maturity of an OWASP project in order to better serve users and help facilitate allocation our resources to properly support our projects. These outcomes are encapsulated in a draft project hosting Request For Proposals and draft lifecycle diagrams (Projects Lifecycle Overview, Project Workflow Diagram). As a direct result of the Summit, the GPC also welcomed two new members: Chris Schmidt and Justin Searle. Both of them have already made contributions to the GPC during the Summit.

Summary of GPC Post-Summit Progress

The GPC has welcomed two additional members: Larry Casey and Keith Turpin. With the Board's approval of the 2011 Budget, the GPC is now actively pursuing proposals for project hosting services. Our current plan is to pilot the hosting services by migrating select projects to the hosting infrastructure before announcing general availability of the service by the end of the year. Project hosting services will be used to directly support the OWASP Project Lifecycle and will help the GPC determine maturity of projects. In addition, the Project Lifecycle has been augmented to include the OWASP Enterprise category of projects, which are projects specifically geared and supported to be used in enterprise companies. Projects in this category will be required to conform to the strictest project requirements and pursue "product" or "production-ready" levels of maturity.

Updated 13-April-2011