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OWASP Global Projects Report

Currently Working On

  • OWASP Projects at Global AppSec Events
    • I have developed a first draft of the event modules that I plan to coordinate at AppSec EU and USA.
    • AppSec EU: Open Source Showcase & OWASP Projects Track.
    • AppSec USA: Project Leader Workshop, Open Source Showcase (modified: 30 minute, presentation style demos), Project Summit.
    • The proposals have now been sent to the local event planning teams.
    • I am waiting to hear back from them now.
  • OWASP Project Leaders: Brand Usage Guidelines
    • I have begun developing brand usage guidelines for our project leaders with Jim Manico's help.
    • We have decided to use the Apache Software Foundation's documentation on the subject as a guide for our own.
    • We feel they developed excellent material, and we plan to use their guidelines as a starting point.
    • I have spent this week researching their materials, and outlining our usage requirements.
  • OWASP Grants
    • We have decided to take a different approach to our grant research, writing, and management.
    • This is primarily due to the limited number of resources and staff bandwidth.
    • The plan is to source a hand full of grants for the foundation.
    • Then focus on grant writing and management of these proposed grants for the year.
    • Q2 will start the research stage of this plan.
  • Development of Technical Project Advisor Requirements
    • This item involves the new management work flow for project reviews that was proposed for 2013.
    • The volunteer job descriptions are still under development.
    • I hope to have these up by next week on our Initiatives page.
    • Projects Review Process Proposal
    • To read the full descriptions, please visit the advisory role descriptions document.
  • Project Leader Responsibilities & Expectations
    • I am currently working on putting together documentation that outlines a project leader's responsibilities, and our foundation's expectations of them.
    • I am also developing a "How to run a successful OWASP project" document.
    • An OWASP project lifecycle info graphic is being developed as well.
    • I hope that these "How To" documents and graphics will help project leaders understand their responsibilities, and how to leverage the OWASP project infrastructure for success.
    • This is an ongoing operations project.
    • I will have a first draft of these completed by the end of next week.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • Global AppSec questions.
    • Funding queries.
    • Travel availability.
    • Project based administrative help.
    • Project status information.
    • Several project donations questions.
    • OWASP LinkedIn Updates.
    • What's happening with projects, questions.

Grants Updates

  • Guidebooks Grant
  1. Amount: $25,000
  2. Status: I have sent in our first project report to the DHS outlining the set backs we have had due to insufficient funds. This has prompted payment. We are due to receive our first check next week.
  • ESAPI Proposal
  1. Amount: $25,000
  2. Status: The ESAPI proposal is still being reviewed.
  • ModSecurity Grant Writing
  1. Amount: $30,000
  2. Status: The ModSecurity proposal is still being reviewed.
  • Google Grants Proposal
  1. Amount: $120,00 in Adwords Funds
  2. Status: We are now testing different keyword and campaign strategies for our global AppSec conferences.
  • Total Grant Funds Awarded: $145,000 for 2013.