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Project Division Updates

  • Project Numbers
    • Active Projects: 117
    • Archived Projects: 41
    • Merged Projects: 43

Currently Working On

  • Projects at AppSec APAC 2013: Jeju, South Korea
    • Sarah and I have been working together to develop the Projects Module for our Global AppSec Conferences.
    • We decided that we should try to bring the Open Source Showcase and the OWASP Project Track initiatives to all four Global AppSec Conferences.
    • The Call for Entries forms have been developed and launched this week.
    • Blog Announcement
    • Open Source Showcase Announcement
    • OWASP Project Track Announcement
    • We are in the process of getting the forms translated into Korean.
  • SourceForge Update
    • I have not heard anything from SourceForge.
    • Samantha drafted a response to the Geeknet Team, outlining our options.
    • Option 1: OWASP would like to propose that Geeknet waive either all or a percentage of the invoice fee, and redistribute the funds as a donation to the OWASP Foundation.
    • Option 2: OWASP would like to propose a 1 year corporate membership, and a 6 month online rotating banner advertisement in exchange for $10,000 being deduction from the Invoice in question. Total value: $17,500 in OWASP Services.
  • Project Support Volunteer Role Development
    • This role was developed to help the 3 Guidebook projects with project support duties.
    • Please see the Volunteer Job Descriptions for more details.
    • We are looking for 3 separate volunteers that will be responsible for the same role.
    • Each volunteer will be responsible for project support duties for one project.
    • We sent out the announcement for volunteers through the OWASP Connect E-Newsletter.
    • We have 7 applicants so far.
  • OWASP Licenses Update
    • I drafted the e-mail Justin asked me to put together regarding the three projects with non open source licenses.
    • I have sent it to all GPC members.
    • Please have a read and let me know if you would like to alter the message in any way.
    • Starting a Project
    • Project Licensing
    • OWASP Licenses
    • Lets discuss how we want to handle this.
  • Salesforce Data Migration
    • Kate and I continue to work on this initiative.
    • We have completed migrating all of the information into the platform.
    • We have a handfull of new projects that need to be brought into Salesforce.
    • Kate has create a template e-mail that will ask all project leaders to update their information.
    • We plan on sending it out next week in stages: Flagships, Labs, Incubators.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • Global AppSec questions.
    • Funding queries.
    • Travel availability.
    • Project based administrative help.
    • Project status information.
    • Several project donations questions.
    • OWASP LinkedIn Updates.
    • What's happening with projects, questions.

More Funding Potential

  1. Guidebooks Grant Payment: Deb is in the process of delivering the correct tax forms.
  2. ESAPI Grant Proposal: Still waiting to hear back from Deb.
  3. Google Grants Application is complete and Submitted.
  4. We are set to hear back from the Google Grants team by the beginning of 2013.
  5. We have now begun the process of grant writing for the ModSecurity Project.
  6. Ryan has completed his project plan for the ModSecurity Project.
  7. This will be for a $30,000 grant proposal for the DHS.


  1. Samantha Groves
  2. Nishi Kumar
  3. Keith Turpin


  1. Meeting canceled today as Nishi and Keith were the only ones besides me who attended, and we were having connectivity issues.
  2. Google Grants Proposal has been submitted.
  3. ModSecurity Proposal grant writing has begun.
  4. SourceForge: Have not heard back from Geeknet Representatives. I have reached out to them this week. Will try again next week.
  5. AppSec APAC 2013: Call for Entries for the Open Source Showcase & OWASP Projects Track has been launched.
  6. Part-Time Project Support Volunteer Role for Guidebook Projects: We now have 7 applicants for the role. I am currently managing the applications.
  7. We have a speaking opportunity at FOSDEM. Simon Bennetts is presenting ZAP. I am applying for an OWASP stand.
  8. Nishi: Thank you for putting together the AppSec USA 2012 Conference presentations for us. They look great!