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Project Division Updates

  • Pending Projects Set Up
    • TestingTheWeb: Waiting for the 5 day waiting time to run out. Then I will set it up.
  • Pending Project Confirmations
    • Forensic Guide: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
    • Xelenium: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
    • Intelligent Security: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
  • Pending Project Donations
  • Inquiries to the Committee
    • What is the project donation process? Keith can you elaborate on it?
    • I have a volunteer wanting to take over a project that is inactive. We cannot get hold of the previous PL? What is the process to change leaders, if any?

Currently Working On

  • Projects Communications Restructuring
    • I have begun to create the wiki template for the new OWASP Projects page.
    • I am having a bit of trouble with the tabs, but I am getting help from volunteers on how to do this.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • How to get marketing aid: Business Cards
    • AppSec USA 2012 queries
  • AppSec USA OSS
    • We have now accepted 7 entries.
    • Acceptance letters have now been sent out to our seven successful candidates.
    • I am drafting a letter to explain logistics, travel and conference details to our attendees.
  • OWASP ZAP Project Marketing Recommendations
    • The marketing recommendations have been agreed on by Simon and I.
    • The project's plan is being finished off today.
    • Simon and I are meeting on Monday to begin implementing his OWASP ZAP's marketing strategy
  • DHS Host Project Funding Proposal
    • Deborah has gotten back to us with specific information on what budget specifics she needs.
    • I am in the process of putting this together for her.
  • Atlassian Open Source License
    • Atlassian PM Community Licence Application: We had to re-apply for a different license with Atlassian.
    • The application has now been submitted.
    • We have a 14 day wait for the results.

Projects Communication Structure Development Update

  1. I continue to work on the tabs structure on my local machine.
  2. I am still currently organizing the documentation.

AppSec Ireland

  1. Post Conference Report
  2. AppSec Ireland 2012 Event Images

Important Meeting Outcomes and Discussion Points

  1. We need to clarify who the GPC committee chair will be.
  2. Discussion on the availability of all members.
  3. Propose a shorter term GPC member volunteer schedule.
  4. One of our PLs has submitted a $6K reimbursement.
  5. Need a head count of who is going to AppSec USA.