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Project Division Updates

  • Project Numbers
    • Active Projects: 113
    • Archived Projects: 41
    • Merged Projects: 43
  • Pending Incubator Project Applications:
    • OWASP Periodic Table of Vulnerabilities (Will set this up today)
    • OWASP Application Security Awareness Top 10 E-Learning Project (Will set this up next week)

Currently Working On

  • Projects at Global AppSec Conferences
    • AppSec 2012 Images are up.
    • Currently preparing for AppSec APAC.
    • OSS and OWASP Projects Track preparations are currently taking place.
  • Salesforce Metadata Migration
    • All project data is now in Salesforce.
    • I continue to work with Kate to finish the migration.
    • We are currently working on creating a template e-mail to send to all active project leaders asking them to update their information. (Still seeking help for this)
    • Developed 8 forms to help with future requests: You can find them in the project handbook 2013 version, linked in their various sections.
    • Currently looking into developing the forms in Salesforce.
  • Project Promotion Events
    • We are looking into applying for a booth at FOSDEM
    • Our application will depend on whether our OWASP main track speaker applicants get accepted.
    • The booth would be free.
  • SourceForge Update
    • I have reached out to the SourceForge people for a meeting.
    • I have not had a response.
    • I will continue to reach out until I have a reply from them.
  • Project Processes Development
    • Putting the handbook aside until these are fleshed out and agreed to.
    • I feel it is a much better idea to tackle individually, and them add them to the handbook.
    • Process form development
    • Project Stage Benefits
    • Project Graduation Process
    • Project Graduation Criteria
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • Global AppSec questions
    • Funding queries
    • Travel availability
    • Project based administrative help
    • Project status information
    • Several project donations questions
    • OWASP LinkedIn Updates
    • What's happening with projects, questions

More Funding Potential

  2. The ESAPI proposal is done: Thank you Jim Manico and Kevin Wall for finalising the technical questions.
  3. Submission was held up due to some budget questions raised by Kevin and Chris.
  4. We re-evaluated the budget and made some changes.
  5. I've already submitted the proposal this afternoon. Deborah, the DHS representative, has confirmed.
  6. This is for $25,000 from the DHS.
  7. The Google Grant process is a little trickier than expected
  8. Nevertheless, I am moving forward with the application with help from a Google for Non-Profits representative.
  9. I hope to complete the application by next week, if all goes well.
  10. I've already started the process for the OWASP ModSecurity Proposal as well.
  11. This will be for $30,000.


  1. Samantha Groves
  2. Kate Hartmann
  3. Jason Li
  4. Nishi Kumar
  5. Keith Turpin

Primary Outcomes and Decisions

  1. Samantha: Continue to attempt to contact the SourceForge account people, and attempt to schedule a meeting with them.
  2. There has been no communication back from SourceForge people. We have decided to close the account so they will not continue to charge us. Samantha will move forward with this plan.
  3. Samantha: Develop a communications piece letting the community know why the account with SourceForge was closed.
  4. Samantha: Send Kate the file for the OWASP Initiatives Technical banner.
  5. Samantha: Finish Project Processes document and send to GPC for review.
  6. GPC: Look through Project Processes Document and note down any critiques, objections, suggestions, etc
  7. Nishi Announcement: Working on putting together the presentations and video for each speaker at AppSec 2012. Nishi will send us a link once work is completed.
  8. Samantha: Move forward with ModSecurity Project Grant Proposal and Google Grants Application Process.
  9. Kate: Will be in touch with Nishi regarding OWASP India initiatives.