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GEC College Chapters

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OWASP College Chapters


The idea is to start OWASP College chapters in an effort to get college students involved in the OWASP Community. A chapter will function similar to a regular college club, with rules and guidelines and similar governance.

OWASP College Chapter Rules

  • 1. Your primary goal is to promote understanding of application security
  • 2. You will have a President, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • 3. You will have meetings at least monthly throughout the school year
  • 4. You will arrange for a place to meet that is conducive to discussion, presentations, etc…
  • 5. You will work with faculty to integrate application security into the CS curriculum
  • 6. You will encourage members to make regular updates to the OWASP wiki, submit projects to OWASP, participate in OWASP conferences, etc…
  • 7. You will NOT engage in any unauthorized security testing or other unethical behavior
  • 8. President, Treasurer and Secretary are to be voted every year by registered members.
  • 9. You will arrange at least one main event per year outside of the monthly meetings (Main events are intended to promote the chapter locally and get project leaders and other key industry leaders to participate)