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GEC Agenda 2011-01-12

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Please see GEC Meetings for previous GEC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details

AGENDA - Jan 12th, 2011
Item/Issue Decisions/Comments Made
Previous Meeting

Points from the last meeting:

Current Meeting

Agenda for this meeting:

Nishi Kumar & Martin Knobloch : 

  • Review the targets section form GEC
  • Preparation for the 2011 Summit
  • Accomplishments for year 2010 by GEC
  • Establishing the GEC goals for 2011
  • Nishi will create a first draft of power point presentation and send it to the group for feedback/additions which will have:
    • Accomplishments for year 2010
    • GEC Goals for year 2011
    • Define success factors for year 2011
  • Repository of WebSecurity Course, set up is in the Education Project. Encourage all major OWASP projects to have training for their projects.
  • Provide a link to CBT project in OWASP Education Project.
Meeting Attendance
  • Nishi Kumar
  • Martin Knobloch
  • Cecil Su
  • Kuai Hinojosa

Meeting Notes
  • Reviewed the working session for the upcoming Summit.