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GEC Agenda 2010-11-03

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Please see GEC Meetings for previous GEC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details

AGENDA - November 3rd, 2010
Item/Issue Decisions/Comments Made
Previous Meeting

Points from the last meeting:

Current Meeting

Agenda for this meeting add here:

S├ębastien Gioria : 

- Will present a talk in the French Ministry of Security and Defense the 4/11/2010 on "Security in Web Developpement"

- Working on the Paris Training day. In the process to choose the dates/speakers langage with the French CISO/CSO community. Need to made the logo and choose the date before 31/12/2010.
- Get  in touch with the French Ministry of Security and Defense and need some input on the OWASP Governement reflexions if some exists ?

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