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GEC Agenda 2010-10-06

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Please see GEC Meetings for previous GEC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details

AGENDA - Oktober 6th, 2010
Item/Issue Decisions/Comments Made
Previous Meeting

Points from the last meeting:

  • Update GEC committee members
  • Update GEC targets and Committee wiki
  • OWASP Education Committee namely: development and packaging of OWASP Training materials and the development of the ‘OWASP Academies concept
  • The update of the GEC members has been requested and executed
  • The list has been updated. See the "Update July 2010" column on the tasks table.
  • Matt suggested to contact Jason Li about who he has done this for the GPC, Martin will take this up with Jason
Current Meeting

Agenda for this meeting add here:

  • OWASP Summit 2011

We're asking each of the leaders of the various Global Committees to put together a half day (4 hour) itinerary for their committee, so that we can include the information in the published schedule. Will you be able to have something to share with the summit planning team before Nov 1st?

  • Repository of WebSecurity Course

CLUSIF (htttp:// have publish a list of available courses in information security ( from their members.
It's just an repository and it doesn't endorse anything. It just give visibility and could get some new members.
I think it could be a great idea for OWASP to do the same thing. It could be the first step to make some repository and identification of trainers. Is it a [email protected] decision ?or [email protected] decision to do the same thing ?

  • Matt will set up a first draft for the summit itinerary before the next meeting
  • Repository of WebSecurity Course, the set up is made in the Education Project. This has to be continued and to be published at THE place for categorized presentations and education materials.
Meeting Attendance
Attendees Apologies
  • Matt Tesauro
  • Sebatien Gioria
  • Kuai Hinojosa
  • Fabio Cerullo
Meeting Notes
  • agenda points above
  • active and inactive
  • how to support the Education Suporters
  • University track at the Summit