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GEC Agenda 2010-02-24

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Please see GEC Meetings for previous GEC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details

AGENDA - Feb 24th, 2010
Item/Issue Decisions/Comments Made
Current Meeting
  • Short term goals, 2010
    • Roadshow, setup a paid trainings events through EU and the US.
      • select trainers
      • select (available) trainings
      • setup and evaluation process
    • creation of a training development kit
      • presentation template
      • description
      • etc
  • Long term goals
    • Increase # academic members
    • Introduce OWASP material into curriculae
    • Support Appsec research grants for students
    • Organise events at universities
    • Participation in research programs (e.g. advisory boards)
    • OWASP University educative video podcasts
    • Roll out College OWASP Education kit through chapters
Meeting Attendance

Attendees Martin Knobloch Cecil Su Sebastien Gioria Fabio Cerullo

Apologies Nishi Kumar Kuai Hinojosa Matt Tesauro

Meeting Notes
  • Introduction from Sebastien Gioria
  • Creation of development kit (Martin)
    • France, Netherlands, Germany and Ireland would be interested to host a training event.
    • Fabio will talk with Kate about dates and organization.
    • Nishi sent evaluation form that we could use for the roadshow.
    • Use OWASP Education Presentation Guidelines for the trainings.
  • Updates from RoadShow 2010 (Fabio)
    • Martin to update the speakers bureau page including languages spoken by trainers
  • Creation of flyers/presentation decks (Cecil)
    • Cecil to contact Lorna and Eduardo.
  • Introduce OWASP material into the curriculae
    • Martin to contact Alexios Fakos.
    • Cecil to send information about secure coding contest in Singapore
  • Participation in research programs
    • Cecil to contact IDA in order to investigate possibility to get funds through grants.
  • Government Support Model
    • Matt to talk with Dan about support/membership model.