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Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Sessions/Sess2 Mgmt2

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Legal Issues of Forensics in the Cloud

Have you ever thought about how you would conduct a forensic investigation on your data if it was all in the Cloud; or, if your company suffers a data breach and all your data is in the Cloud how you would get the information you need to determine what happened and the extent of the damage? The Cloud presents many issues and new challenges. The best thing you can do is be prepared, but how?

This lecture will discuss the issues associated with attempting to deal with a data breach in the Cloud as well as conducting a forensic investigation in the Cloud. How do you prepare? What needs to be included in your contract or service level agreement? Finally, if you were not able to prepare, is all lost? What can you do, legally?

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David Willson

David is a leading authority in cyber security and the law. He is a licensed attorney in NY, CT, and CO, and owner of Titan Info Security Group, a Risk Management and Cyber Security law firm, focused on technology and the law, and helping companies lower the risk of a cyber-incident and reducing or eliminating the liability associated with loss or theft of information. He also assists companies with difficult legal/cyber-security issues.

David is a retired Army JAG officer. During his 20 years in the Army he provided legal advice in computer network operations, information security and international law to the DoD and NSA and was the legal advisor for what is now CYBERCOM. He has published many articles, such as, "Hacking Back In Self-Defense: Is It Legal; Should It Be?", and recently, "Cyber War or Cyber Cold War?".

His speaking engagements include: the FBI ICCS conf., RSA, CSI, HTCIA, ISSA, FBCINC, the 4th Int'l Cyber Crime Conf., Australia, Cornerstones of Trust, FISSEA, ASIS, and others. He holds the CISSP & Security + certifications and has two LLM’s in International Law and in Intellectual Property law. He is a VP of his local ISSA chapter and a member of InfraGard. He was recently quoted in a Fox News Exclusive, and his recent article was published on Fox News: Is the US Already Engaged in a Cyber War?

David Willson