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Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Presentations/DesktopAppSec

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Defending Desktop (.NET/C#) Applications: Mitigating in the Dark (A Case Study Remix)

This presentation is on the case study(s) of desktop applications undergoing a cracking/hacking/attacking life cycle. This is the summation of multiple software projects undergoing attacks from a detected and focused attacker. This presentation follows a Product Owner(s) and Coder(s) going from a self directed response.

Your software project has been going for years, your client base is growing, your making deadlines then one day some e-mail shows up and your world starts to crumble. Crack after Crack keeps coming out every version; Your new Upgrades/Code keep showing up in a competing product; Malware keeps hitting your clients. See the steps taken by day-to-day product Owner(s) and Coder(s) as they respond to security events that never crossed their minds as potential threats.

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