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Education Track: OWASP Boot Camp

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OWASP Boot Camp Goals

The OWASP Boot camp helps new OWASP members to get on track fast and on a guaranteed quality level. Holding OWASP Boot camps can generate additional venue. The OWASP Education project will extend the knowledge about the OWASP tolling and the usage of those. In the current discussion of the OWASP certification, the OWASP Education project can support and Certification training. The OWASP certification can be supported by special OWASP Certification Boot camps.

OWASP Boot Camp Milestones

The following milstones are identified.

may 2008, investigating and categorizing available educational material

Gathering presentation and courses, previously developed for and by OWASP, as for the training days on the AppSec conferences, local Chapter Meetings and already added to the ecucation project.

june 2008, set up an standarized BOOT CAMP layout

Finding a way how we want to setup up the boot camps. The following to be discused by discussion with the project members

Boot Camp target audience, 
     what are the attendees the Boot Camp should focus on, initially, over time.
Boot Camp duration,
     how long should a Boot Camp take, 3 to 4 days
     depending on the focus, material, level
OWASP Boot Camp trainers, 
     who will hold the OWASP Boot Camps
     some kind of OWASP certified trainer
     Boot Camp certification

Decisions to be finalized with the project reviewers and OWASP Board members.

july 2008, mapping materials to tracks

Mapping the gathered persentational and educational material to the identified Boot Camp courses

august 2008,

OWASP Boot Camp Ideas

OWASP Secure Coding Boot Camp

OWASP Secure Testing Boot Camp

OWASP Certification Boot Camp