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Comment: These features are now built into the .NET Framework

Partial port of ModSecurity to the .Net Platform which includes the following features:


  • Validation of Cookies And Querystrings for the given rules,
  • Logging of the Response and Requests Of The Application
  • Automatic detection of the CodePage used in the WebApplication and prevention of the lowhigh unicode attack to the ASP.Net Applications.
  • Includes whole the features and some advances of the Validator.Net inside.
  • The filtration process is fully customizable over Web Browser and The Validation Process can be tracked over Web Browser.
  • Includes Automatic Application Unhandled Error Detection and Logging.
  • No need to change the code of the Application.
  • Implemented as a HttpModule.
  • Integrates with existing ASP.Net Web Applications
  • Can be easily configured using web.config