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  • Tuesday June 17, 2014

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Upcoming Chapter Events

  • June 17 - Korea Day more info
  • June 17 - USA:Ohio, Columbus - Threat Modeling with Anurag Agarwal - meetup link
  • June 18 - Canada:Montreal - Gaps in the Clouds - more info
  • June 18 - USA:New York, Long Island - Heartbleed - more info
  • June 24 - USA:New York, New York City - meetup link

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Exciting Projects to Checkout

  • OWASP Cornucopia
    • OWASP Cornucopia is a mechanism in the form of a card game to assist software development teams identify security requirements in Agile, conventional and formal development processes. It is language, platform and technology agnostic.
    • Shortlisted for Nominet Internet Awards - more info

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