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Cloud-10 Service and Data Integration

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R6: Service and Data Integration

Gartner published extensive research on cloud services intermediaries called cloud services brokerages, which would enhance and enrich cloud services in terms of performance etc and help improve cloud adoption.

Cloud consumers that are planning to adopt cloud and cloud services brokerages must make sure that their proprietary data is adequately protected as it traverses through the internet between the end user and the cloud data center(s). Cloud computing models increase the risks associated with interception of data in transit, eventhough these risks are not unique to cloud. Cloud providers must ensure that they use SSL and/or tighter encryption protocols to secure data in transit. Increasingly complex integration and the dynamics in cloud computing present significant challenges to timely diagnosis and resolution of incidents such as malware detection and immediate intrusion response to mitigate the impact (Gupta, 2009; Christodorescu, Sailer, Schales, Sgandurra & Zamboni, 2009).


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