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Insert your comments here about what we should change/adjust/modity in the process to better serve the community (Project Leaders, Members, Users of the Projects)

accoding Step 10: please note that documentation projects most likely will not be updated, at least not continously. PLease define an exception for such projects.
Also, as discussed many times last few months, a tool may not be "bad" or "abandoned" if there is no activity. Tools may have a long life cicle without updates. Just marking them as "inactive" without further tags may mislead readers about the quality of such a tool. Beside the tag "inactive", we need a tag related to the "quality" (named it better).

-- 27.jan.16 achim

...Agree Achim, this categorising system does not work. Please suggest new labels. To clarify, none of this is my invention. I'm just a volunteer