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This Project has been identified as an orphaned one. If you find interest in assuming its lead, please contact the Global Projects Committee.

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Welcome to the OWASP Web2.0 Project page. In this part of OWASP, we are going to talk about Web2.0 security and in general cutting-edge web application hacking. Before going any further it is essential to describe what Web2.0 is.

Web2.0, as some people say, is when the content is generated by the user/group while the site revenue is consumed by the vendor. However, Web2.0 is about integration. This subject largely involves all types of technologies such as XML, XSLT, Feeds, JavaScript, Server side scripts, RIA, etc.

The project is currently at alpha stage but it will expand soon. While we are working on OWASP Web2.0 Project pages, check the following articles for further reference.

Expect more links to follow.

This page was put together within 2 minutes. Please bear with us, we will come back with more content soon.

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OWASP Web 2.0 Project

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