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Project Type - OWASP Tool.

Overview - This project collects some of the best open source security projects in a single environment. Web developers, testers and security professionals can boot from this Live CD and have access to a full security testing suite. This allows its users to test for various security issues in web applications and web sites. The OWASP Live CD also contains documentation and an interactive learning environment (Web Goat) to enhance users web application security knowledge. This presentation will cover the current state of the OWASP Live CD as well as the plans for future developments. The OWASP Live CD is free for commercial or non­commercial use.

Project Leader - Matt Tesauro.

Project Contributors - (if applicable)

Project Reviewers - Dustin Dykes, Kent Poots & Sesbastien Deleersnyder.

Mailing List - Subscribe here.

Related Projects - OWASP Live CD 2007 Project - A and OWASP Live CD 2007 Project - B.

Sponsors - OWASP Summer of Code 2008.


ISO Images

Latest Release
The AustinTerrier release ISO is currently available owasp-livecd-AustinTerrier-Feb2009.iso.

Don't forget to check the MD5 sum!
MD5: 4831a2d2f113216e8f4c8df90a1d316f owasp-livecd-AustinTerrier-Feb2009.iso or use the file md5sum.txt

Screenshots of the SoC release!

The Portugal release ISO is currently available owasp-livecd-2008-Portugal.iso.

VMware and Virtual Box Installs

Austin Terrier VMware Install: owasp-livecd-AustinTerrier-Feb2009.vmdk.rar
f2860c95bcfdb9a313d09a4401948157 owasp-livecd-AustinTerrier-Feb2009.vmdk.rar or use the file md5sum.txt

Austin Terrier Virtual Box Install: owasp-livecd-AustinTerrier-Feb2009.vdi.rar
bbfe0977019a7b727b5d97ffa7f70d21 owasp-livecd-AustinTerrier-Feb2009.vdi.rar or use the file md5sum.txt

Don't forget to check those MD5 sums!! Nobody likes a bad download.

NOTE: For both VMware and Virtual Box, we are providing the hard drive file. This will allow you to configure the virtual machine appropriately for your hardware and software (Virtual Box, VMware Player/Server/ESX...). Parallels users should download the VMware install as Parallels will import VMware disks. We are in the process of documenting the setup procedures for each of these if you are not familiar with creating/configuring a new virtual machine.

How to increase the VMware drive size non-destructively.

Download Site.


The following general documentation exists:

Note there also documentation for each module's creation on the Current Tool List and the Supporting Software List. Come to think of it, there are 300+ tools listed under Potential Tool List and the pages linked from there as well.

I also have a few ToDo lists:

Presentations on the OWASP Live CD

I gave a presentation on the OWASP Live CD at the local OWASP chapter on 2008-08-26. I've put the slides on the server in the following formats:

(Note: A bug in export to PPT causes some funky symbols to be inserted when a line ends with a close parenthesis. I didn't clean up the PPT file)

Here's another presentation I gave on Open Source Tools at the local ISSA chapter. I have a few slides on the OWASP Live CD as well.

also, I created a page covering all the tools I mentioned in the slides with links, descriptions, etc. Open Source Tools Supplement

Documentation Site.

Release Status

Quality Status - Release Quality Tool. Click here for complete information.


Latest Release: The AustinTerrier release ISO is currently available

This project licensed under the Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.

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