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OWASP Orizon Project

OWASP Orizon is a source code security scanner designed to spot vulnerabilities in J2EE web applications, Android code and generally speaking in Java written source code.


Owasp Orizon is a source code static analyzer tool designed to spot security issues in Java applications.

Owasp Orizon mission is to provide people an opensource tool, helping them in reviewing:

  • single Java classes
  • Java standalone tools packed in JAR files
  • web applications packed in EAR / WAR files
  • Android APK applications

It was a dark and stormy night in Milan, Italy. It was 2006 and I felt the need of something helping me in reviewing other people java source code. So Owasp Orizon born and grew up as security tool trying to parse Java source code, building an Abstract Syntax Tree and spot for unsafe calls in the code.

In the very beginning Owasp Orizon was a sort of enhanced grep tool. In 2008, I started supporting PHP programming language but the initial boost disappeared. After being in love with other programming languages and technolgies, eight years later, in 2017 I kickstarted the project again from scratch.


OWASP Orizon is an opensource tool. It is licensed under the Apache 2 License.

Quick Start

See project GitHub home page

Project Resources


Code | Binaries

Issue Tracker

Project Leader

Paolo Perego
email twitter blog

News and Events

  • [Spring 2017] - Owasp Orizon kickstart session
  • [13 September 2016] - Paolo Perego take back project leadership, kickstarting Owasp Orizon again
  • [February, 2014] - Greg Disney-Leugers adopted the OWASP Orizon project.
  • [November 2009] - we started moving from current release to the next major bump (v2.0) that will happen next June 2010 during Owasp AppSEC conference in Stockholm.

Roadmap and Getting Involved

Owasp Orizon kickstart is scheduled during the upcoming Owasp Summit 2017

Some intended milestones to be putted in roadmap are:

  • Spring 2017 - Defining the team and overall goals
  • Autumn 2017 - First alpha release
  • Winter 2017 - Second alpha release
  • January 2018 - First beta


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Project Name OWASP Orizon Project
Short Project Description This project born in 2006 in order to provide a framework to all Owasp projects developing code review services. The project is in a quite stable stage and it is usable for Java static code review and some dynamic tests against XSS. Owasp Orizon includes also APIs for code crawling, usable for code crawling tools.
Key Project Information Project Leader
Paolo Perego
Project Contributors
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Mailing list
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Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0

Project Type

Release Status Main Links Related Projects

Beta Quality
Please see here for complete information.

The Owasp OrizonProject in Power Point
Orizon Safe coding and beyond - Word File
Orizon 1.19 - The Latest Release
Orizon internal draft
Orizon site at sourceforge
Orizon blog

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