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Category:OWASP Enterprise Security API - Roadmap

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  • This API is designed to automatically take care of many aspects of application security, making these issues invisible to the developers.
  • The ESAPI architecture is very simple, just a collection of classes that encapsulate the key security operations most applications need. ESAPI is designed to make it easy to retrofit security into existing applications, as well as providing a solid foundation for new development. New development projects should consider integrating ESAPI into their framework to make even more of the security happen automatically. ESAPI comes with an ESAPI filter that minimizes the changes required to your base application.
  • The ESAPI covers most of the key security challenges facing application developers. ESAPI provides the capability for developers to create applications that are protected against almost all of the risks described in the OWASP Top Ten. Compare this coverage with automated scanning and static analysis tools, and then consider how your time is best spent. OWASPTopTen.jpg
  • There are two key parts to the ESAPI:
    • A set of interfaces,
    • A reference implementation.
  • By using the ESAPI, applications across an organization will be easier to develop, more consistent, and easier to update in a single place. The use of the ESAPI will make it much easier for static analysis tools to verify an application, as the ESAPI calls can be built into the ruleset.

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