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This includes all pages and "Sponsors" tasks related to the OWASP Conference Planning Table, which is a spreadsheet of tasks related to planning an OWASP AppSec Event.

OWASP Conference Planning Tasks - Sponsors
WHEN actions/tasks
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WHAT actions/tasks
need to be done
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WHO can I contact
if I have questions?
view edit 106 Sponsors 12 mos. before event (as early as possible in planning process) Put together event sponsorship pricing & packages
view edit 118 Sponsors Ongoing - starting 9 or 10 mos. before event (sponsors should be finalized by 1 mo. before event) OBTAIN SPONSORSHIP: Work with OWASP Staff to solicit event sponsorships & establish central place to track communication with sponsors. As sponsors commit, collect graphics for website and other conference materials. Update sponsorship document based on availability (ie. number of gold sponsorships remaining)
view edit 140 Sponsors 6 weeks before event Send out sponsor information kit- including shipping address, registration details, and event info.
view edit 144 Sponsors 3-4 weeks before event Confirm details and registration with sponsors
view edit 149 Sponsors 1 week before event Sponsors to ship inserts/brochures for attendee bags, booth supplies
view edit 160 Sponsors During event Circulate vendor/booth area for questions before event (set up), during, and after (tear down) event. Provide return shipment instructions.
view edit 165 Sponsors As soon as possible after event, no later than 1 month after event Send thank you notes to sponsors and solicit event feedback
view edit 173 Sponsors To be completed by 3 months after event Share sponsor feedback with next year's event team