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This includes all pages and "Content" tasks related to the OWASP Conference Planning Table, which is a spreadsheet of tasks related to planning an OWASP AppSec Event.

OWASP Conference Planning Tasks - Content
WHEN actions/tasks
should be completed
WHAT actions/tasks
need to be done
Related Resources:
guidelines, documents & templates

WHO can I contact
if I have questions?
view edit 121 Content 9 mos. before event Solicit Keynote Speakers
view edit 123 Content 6 mos. before event Finalize Keynote Speakers
view edit 125 Content 6 mos. before event Launch Call for Trainers (CFT)
view edit 126 Content 6 mos. before event Launch Call for Speakers/Presentations (CFP)
view edit 127 Content 6 mos. before event Set up for talks (projects) for OWASP Track
  • Global Projects Committee
  • Global Conference Committee
view edit 130 Content 4-6 mos. before event (or earlier) Start planning other conference events: Capture the Flag (CTF), committee workshops, Open Source Showcase (OSS), University Challenge, evening social events, etc.
view edit 133 Content 3-4 mos. before event Select (at least first round) of speakers and trainers. Notify speakers & trainers of status, send & collect paperwork.
view edit 135 Content DEADLINE: 1 mos. before event DEADLINE CFP/CFT - make final selection of speakers and trainers. Notify speakers & trainers of status, send & collect paperwork.
view edit 138 Content 6 weeks before event Ensure all speakers are confirmed. Send them details on event, including instructions for registering.
view edit 139 Content Starting 6 wks before event, occurring weekly until event Send weekly reports to trainers with number of students registered for class.
view edit 143 Content 3-4 wks before event Finalize conference program and send to printer
view edit 154 Content 1-2 days before event, during event as needed Collect and review speaker slides
view edit 161 Content To be completed by 1 week after event Collect any outstanding speaker slides
view edit 167 Content As soon as possible after event, completed by 3 months after event Post conference slides & video to website. Email attendees to let them know that slides & video are available