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The Following is a possible Project Roadmap. The following roadmap is divided into 3 parts:

  • 20 January 2009, the project officially Starts • 20-31 January 2009: "Spread the voice". Each major in topic mailing list and Web Sites will be reached with a press announcement mail in order to find contributors. Owasp Members will be contacted and the main roles in the project will be defined.
  • 1st February 2009 – 10th February 2009. Building of the different teams for the technical study. Writing down the main index for the Guidelines Document and the Technical Study.
  • Roadmap for Anti-Malware Guidelines (First Document Roadmap) • 10th April 2009 – First Delivery for the Guidelines Document (First Two chapters) • 10th May 2009 – Second Delivery for the Guidelines Document (Third and Fourth chapter) • 10th May 2009 to 31st May 2009. English Review • 10th June 2009. Final Document Delivery (PDF document by the end of June).
  • Roadmap for Technical Study (Research). Malware and Anti-Malware research will support the documentation and will have it’s own documentation itself in wiki format.
  • 10th February 2009 – Research Starts
  • February.
    • MRE Team: Analysis of public information and collection of first Malware samples.
    • AMTS Team: Indexing of the most popular Anti-malware Solutions.
  • March:
    • MRE Team: Analysis of at least 1 family (e.g. Silent Banker).
    • AMTS Team: Building a Model for comparing the Solutions • April:
    • MRE Team: Analysis of at least 1 more family (e.g. Anserin).
    • AMTS Team: Building the comparison chart and start creating the adoption Statistics • May:
    • MRE Team: Analysis of at least 1 more family (e.g. Ztob).
    • AMTS Team: Finalize the document and the research • End of June:
    • Review of the content submitted
  • June to the end of the year. Keeping it updated, try to extend this dynamic reference as much as possible.

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