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This page is dedicated to sites that provide web app sec papers which do not belong to OWASP.

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Web Application Security Papers Archived (WASPA)

This project is a collection of web application security related documents, presentations, cheetsheets, guides and the like. As for always, those resources are scattered among thousands of resources on the web. Some are really worth to read but are sadly unknown by a whole large. The only noble aim of Security students, professionals, or researchers is to bring reliable security and countermeasures to our next-generation IT communication. I attempt to support this aim by collecting resources altogether in one place which can be downloaded by those who're eager for stronger security.


  • Ongoing Web Application Security Model (OWA-SM)

  • Hunting for Backdoor Scripts

  • Web Browser Plugins Vulnerabilities Feb 7, 2008

  • Ways to Protect Sensitive Files & Directories

  • Why Session Protection Fails

  • Security Professional How to

  • Directory Bruteforce Attack

  • Causes Of Security Flaws 101

  • What XSS Can Do

  • Defeating X-Rummer Spam Bot

  • Disclosure Vulnerability:phpinfo

  • Disclosure Vulnerability:robots.txt

  • Next-Generation Phishing Attack

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