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Preventing Round Tripping Engineering

The importance of Obfuscation

As mentioned before , Round Tripping is indeed a technique used to reverse engineer assemblies. Therefore, if you want to avoid your assemblies being reversed engineered or even worse, that the code is victim of malicious manipulation using the ildasm and Ilasm tools, then its is advisable to apply it. There are different kinds of products that can be used for this purpose such as DeepSea, Crypto or Dotfuscator

Using Obfuscation

The most effective technique used to avoid reverse engineering and tampering of assemblies is the use of Obfuscation. Visual Studio contains a version of Dotfuscator. This program is accessible by choosing on the VS menu, Tools → Dotfuscator(Community Edition menu command). Note: This tools is not available in Express versions

To obfuscate your assemblies :

  • Build the project in VS Studio
  • Tools--> Dotfuscator Community Edition
  • A screen prompts asking for which project type, choose 'Creat New Project' and click OK
  • On the Input tab of the Dotfuscator interface, click 'Browse and Add assembly to list'

Browse for the compiled application