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Assignment of Copyright Agreement

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                         The OWASP Foundation  
                    Assignment of Copyright Agreement
 Thank you for your interest in The OWASP Foundation (the
 "Foundation").  In order to clarify the intellectual property license
 granted with contributions of software from any person or entity
 (the "Contributor"), the Foundation has provided this Assignment of 
 Copyright Agreement.  It is made available for those Contributors who
 desire to assign Copyright to the Foundation.
 If you wish to assign Copyright, please complete this Agreement and
 send it by facsimile to the Foundation at +1-208-379-1165, or send a
 photocopy by regular mail to The OWASP Foundation,
 9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300, Columbia, MD 21046, U.S.A.  Please read this
 document carefully before signing and keep the original for your records.
 FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby
 acknowledged _______________ ("Assignor"), located at ____________
 hereby irrevocably transfers and assigns to the OWASP Foundation
 ("Assignee), located at 9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300, Columbia, MD 21046, 
 U.S.A., its successors and assigns, in perpetuity, all right (whether now 
 known or hereinafter invented), title, and interest, throughout the world, 
 including any copyrights and renewals or extensions thereto, in the following
 work _______________________________________________________________________
 (Assignor's Name)
 (Authorized signature)
 (Assignor' title, e.g., Pres., Old New Lompoc Co.)
 Date: ____________________
 Assignor's Address: