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AppSec Israel 2016 Sponsorships

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The annual OWASP AppSec Israel Conference is the largest conference in Israel for application security, and regularly draws hundreds of participants. Over 550 people attended last year!

Whether you have a product to showcase, offering a service, or you are recruiting, sponsoring the OWASP AppSec Israel event gets you the right exposure. This year we are expecting well over 600 attendees, including security professionals, developers, managers, and more. The conference will take place this year on Monday, September 19th, 2016, at The College of Management (Michlala l’Minhal), in Rishon LeZion.

Sponsoring the AppSecIL conference also helps support the OWASP community, and ensures that we can keep on making our conferences better and better. Sponsorship fees are intended to cover the costs of the conference. Since the conference is open to all and free of charge to attend, we need your support to enable us to put on a great conference.

Past sponsors include Check Point, Microsoft, F5, IBM, Ernst & Young, Checkmarx, Imperva, Akamai, Synopsys, and many others

OWASP is an open source, non-profit organization. While our activities are free for all, we do have costs, and need your help to make our activities better.

We are now offering Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsorship levels. There is also a cost-effective “Community Supporter” option for non-profits, government offices, small startups, and such. Of course, if you are a Corporate Member of OWASP (at any level) and allocate a percentage (20-40%) of your membership fees to the Israel chapter, we consider those funds as conference sponsorship accordingly.

For more details and to confirm your sponsorship, please contact Or Katz.

What You Get for Sponsoring

All sponsors, regardless of sponsorship level receive the following:

  • Many thanks, and hopefully a very good feeling of helping the community.
  • Access to all the tools, guides, and libraries OWASP makes available for everybody - if you benefit from these, support the organization!
  • Logo on the conference page.
  • Preference for hosting a chapter meeting in the coming year, based on schedule and other considerations.
  • In general, if there is something else specific that you may want, and is within the OWASP guidelines, please let us know.

Platinum Sponsors

  • 3 Maximum.
  • Largest booth area, where you can put up a "roll up" poster or two, and even a "pop-up" style booth (space permitting) to hand out your brochures and freebies.
  • Prime booth location and first choice.
  • Largest logo on the top of the conference page.
  • Logo on the chapter page for the whole year.
  • Recognition in all conference literature.
  • Explicit mention in conference Opening Speech.
  • Price: $3000 USD

Gold Sponsors

  • A table top style mini booth where you can put up a "roll up" poster or two and hand out your brochures and freebies.
  • Good booth location and early choice.
  • Large logo near the top of the conference page.
  • Logo on the chapter page for the whole year.
  • Recognition in all conference literature.
  • Collective mention in conference Opening Speech.
  • Price: $2000 USD

Silver Sponsors

  • A small table top style mini booth where you can put up a "roll up" poster and hand out your brochures and freebies.
  • Smaller logo on the conference page.
  • Recognition in some conference literature.
  • Passive mention in conference Opening Speech.
  • Price: $1000 USD

Community Supporters

  • The "Community Supporter" level of sponsorship is intended for non-profits, government offices, small startups, and other organizations with limited finances, but wish to show their support for the local OWASP chapter.
  • Small logo on the conference page.
  • Community Supporters do not get a booth or table at the sponsor's display area, but you can leave a stack of fliers or swag at a central table.
  • Price: $500 USD

Additional A La Carte Opportunities

In addition to the above, sponsors can choose to provide additional conference items, such as:

  • Lanyards - Providing branded lanyards for all attendees.
  • Sponsored Badges – Covering the costs of badges with name tags for all conference attendees, with your logo on each badge (either a small logo in front, or a larger one in the back).
  • Conference T-shirts - Sponsoring conference T-shirts with the sponsoring company logo on the T-Shirt, in addition to the conference and OWASP logos.
  • Premium coffee stands - Fund the cost of two espresso / cappuccino stands in the event. The sponsor will be acknowledged, and can provide an additional rollup in the vicinity of the coffee stands. Additionally, the sponsor may opt for providing branded cups instead of normal cups, with the sponsor's logo in addition to the conference logo.
  • Happy hour / beer break - Supply beer (or any other type of drinks you choose) for an informal evening social event. The sponsor will be acknowledged for that activity.
  • Prizes - Each sponsor can have a raffle for special prizes at the end of the conference (based on collection of participants details in their booth). Winners can be announced on the main stage, and on the conference website or mailing lists.
  • Video recording - The sponsor will commit to bringing professional video and sound equipment, as well as staff to record all lectures in two rooms, and to edit and upload everything to OWASP after the conference. In addition to acknowledgement, the sponsor will be allowed to include a logo or vendor name (details to be discussed).

It is also possible to be creative and find non-financial ways to support us and contribute to the successful running of the conference. If you have any other ideas please contact AviD or Or Katz directly.

What You Don't Get

  • List of people registering or attending. You can collect these by yourself in the booth, for example by offering a prize for people filling in details.
  • A lecture for money. The conference program is strictly selected on professional terms, there is absolutely no "pay-for-play".

What We Need Your Money For

OWASP is very strictly not-for-profit. We use the sponsorship funds to help make our events even more compelling to the audience while striving to make them free for participants. We want more people to come to our events so we can educate them about making applications more secure.

We use the money collected from sponsors for things such as:

  • Lecture videos - recording presentations enables them to be available also to people who cannot make it to the conference, and further publicize the contents of the event.
  • Venue costs - this year's conference is being hosted in partnership with the College of Management, so we have minimal direct costs for use of the halls. However there are additional associated costs, for some of the involved logistics such as hiring required equipment.
  • Refreshments - we want to keep people a long time, and we certainly bring good and interesting speakers, yet we don't want people to go home when they become hungry.
  • Name tags - we feel that professional networking and getting to know each other is an important facet of the community, and name tags make this easier.
  • Promotion - Till now, our events are publicized mostly by word of mouth. We would like to get to a wider audience by advertising our events.
  • Printed Materials - We are not very keen on killing trees, but some people learn more from actual printed paper. We would like to hand out certain printed materials in our conferences.

By the way, if you feel that you can contribute to any of these in any way besides money, we will be happy to hear about it.

What Should You Prepare as a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you are not obliged to do anything. Sponsorship can be a philanthropy. However, in order to take advantage of the benefits listed above, we recommend the following:

  • Send us a logo file to put on the conference web page. (Note the maximum logo size according to the sponsorship level).
  • Prepare a roll-up type poster or equivalent for your table top booth.
  • Prepare brochures for handing out to conference attendees.
  • You might also want to hold a sweepstake between people who fill in their details in order to collect leads. We will be happy to announce the prize on the main stage, and on the conference page.
  • Come 30 minutes before the conference starts to setup your booth.

For further details contact Or Katz.

Not-for-Profit / Barter Sponsorship of OWASP IL Conferences

We are happy to allow any information-security-related not-for-profit organization to present at our conference expo. You will get, for free, the same benefits that the commercial vendors get. The only condition is that if you hold similar events we would like to present at those events in return.

We extend the same type of barter to commercial organizations that hold events. If you organize an information security related event, we would let you promote it in our expo in return for having presence in your event.

Contact Or Katz for further details.