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14th October 2009 - Leeds

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Location: Leeds Novotel, 4 Whitehall, Whitehall Quay, Leeds, LSI 4HR.


6:00pm - 6:15pm Registration & refreshments

6:15pm - 6:30pm OWASP Leeds Chapter Presentation - Jason Alexander

Introduction to OWASP and its charter. Leeds Chapter details.

6:30pm - 7:30pm "The right way to secure Oracle" - Pete Finnigan

The talk covers the process of securing an Oracle deatabase but with a proper focus to the task rather than simply following a checklist. A checklist is fine for general hardening but not for securing data as there is no method to ensure that the data that must be protected has indeed been protected.

7:30pm - 8:30pm "SQL Injection - how far does the rabbit hole go? " - Justin clarke

SQL Injection has been around for over 10 years, and yet it is still to this day not truly understood by many security professionals and developers. With the recent mass attacks against sites across the world it has again come to the fore of vulnerabilities under the spotlight, however many consider it to only be a data access issue, or parameterized queries to be a panacea. Explore some of the deeper, darker danger areas of SQL Injection, hybrid attacks, and exploiting obscure database functionality, and what we could possibly expect to see next out of this venerable application security issue.

Speaker Bio's

Jason Alexander

Currently a Security Specialist working for the NHS Technology Office. Jason has over 8 years of information security experience in a variety of business and public sectors from ISP's to goverment. Jason has a keen interest in web application and web services security and is the Leeds Chapter Leader.

Pete Finningan

Pete Finnigan specialises in the Security of Oracle databases. Pete has been interested in Oracle Security for many years and more recently in generally database security. Pete has also written the book "Oracle Security Step-by-step" and has produced many papers on the subject of oracle security. Pete has also produced a number of security tools that can aid in securing a database. More information can be found at Pete's web site

Justin Clarke

Justin has over 12 years experience in testing the security of networks, web applications and wireless networks for large financial, retail and technology clients from all around the globe. Justin is a contributing author to a number of security books and is the lead author of the book "SQL Injection Attacks and Defense" as well as a speaker at many conferences including Black Hat USA, RSA, SANS and OWASP. He is the author of the open source SQLBrute blind SQL injection exploitation tool, and is the chapter leader for the London chapter of OWASP. More information regarding Justin can be found on his company website