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Rick's User Page

What Rick's Worked On

Click here to see Rick's Contributions to OWASP ZAP.

Click here to see Rick's Contributions (Edits). [As of Nov. 2017 these mainly deal with the Testing Guide, GSoC, and ZAP.]

To see discussion and contributions with regard to the Common_OWASP_Numbering project, checkout the mailing list for Jan 2010:
OWASP Testing Mailing List Jan 2010.

"and/or" Explanation

A quick explanation of why "and/or" shouldn't be used in written English.

Binary logic of "and" and "or"

Note: The OR allows for the same True result as the AND (bottom right corner), while also allowing for other combinations producing True results.
Sometimes people mean "and/exclusive or" when they type "and/or" however this would look extremely strange when written and 99% of the time a simple or will suffice.
Therefore all written usage of "and/or" should simply be "or".