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Task Force/OWASP Projects

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This task force is focused on OWASP Projects with a first focus on cleaning up the OWASP incubator list

Current To-do list

  • update this page so it has all the latest content
  • "...send last warning and clean up of incubator projects that have not been updated in more than a year, especially without a first release. we give a chance to react otherwise they get set to inactive projects and the wiki starts to clear up..."

Execution Power

This task force exists on the assumption that it has a mandate from the OWASP leaders to act on behalf of the OWASP community on what is best for OWASP Projects.

If somebody (namely an OWASP Leader or Board member) disagree with any of the decisions made, he/she has two options:

  • join this Task Force
  • create another equivalent 'OWASP Projects group' and do a better job there

Current Members

  • Johanna Curiel (invitation accepted)
  • Samantha Groves (invitation pending)
  • Chuck (invitation pending)
  • Dinis Cruz (invitation accepted)

OWASP Projects Task Force (Concept)

This is a new type of OWAPS initiative, focused on 'getting things done', the concept is still evolving but here are the current (in draft) guiding principles:

  1. this 'task force is an invitation-only group' (to join the task force, requests should be made directly with existing task force members)
  2. all existing members have VETO power, and it is assumed that all decisions are backed up with all existing members
  3. only existing members can send the invitations
  4. there is a 1 month minimum activity required (or the member is temporarily out).
  5. invitations are automatically approved (since all members of the task force are admins of the group)
  6. there an one special member who has veto power the responsibility to enforce the 'one month contribution MIA scenario' (i.e. to kick out the 'non contributing members')