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'''Upcoming Talks/Training:'''
'''Upcoming Talks/Training:'''
For details of upcoming ZAP related talks or training please see the latest [ ZAP Newsletter]
'''2014 October 31: Open World Forum, Paris, France: [  Sébastien Gioria:  Application Security testing with Zed Attack Proxy]'''
This will include both a talk and demo of ZAP.
'''2014 November 11: Agile Testing Days, Potsdam, Germany: [ Bill Matthews: Security Testing in an Agile Context]'''
With each iteration producing a potentially deployable release, testing on an Agile project needs to cover a broad range of tests is a short period of time. All too often, Security Testing is one of those areas that is omitted due to a lack of experience and understanding of how to approach Security in an Agile context.
In this talk, we will look at key principles that can allow us to integrate security testing into each iteration. We will start with looking at Threat Modelling as a means to understand what is important to test before moving onto methods for generating test ideas. We will then examine ideas of how to implement these checks/tests and how they can be integrated into your current testing practices.
Bill will be covering a bit about ZAP as part of this talk :)

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Upcoming Talks/Training:

For details of upcoming ZAP related talks or training please see the latest ZAP Newsletter