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  | style="width:15%; background:#7B8ABD" align="center"|'''Project Name'''
  | style="width:15%; background:#7B8ABD" align="center"|'''Project Name'''
  | colspan="7" style="width:85%; background:#cccccc" align="left"|<font color="black">'''Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) Project'''
  | colspan="7" style="width:85%; background:#cccccc" align="left"|<font color="black">'''OWASP Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) Project'''
  | style="width:15%; background:#7B8ABD" align="center"| '''Short Project Description'''  
  | style="width:15%; background:#7B8ABD" align="center"| '''Short Project Description'''  

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Project Name OWASP Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) Project
Short Project Description

The ESAPI is a free and open collection of all the security methods that a developer needs to build a secure web application. You can just use the interfaces and build your own implementation using your company's infrastructure. Or, you can use the reference implementation as a starting point. In concept, the API is language independent. However, the first deliverables from the project are a Java API and a Java reference implementation. Efforts to build ESAPI in .NET and PHP are already underway.

Key Project Information

Project Leader
Jeff Williams

Project Contibutors
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Mailing List
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BSD license

Project Type


Release Status Main Links Related Projects

Provisory Beta Quality
(under review)
Please see here for complete information.

ESAPI PowerPoint presentation
ESAPI Video presentation
ESAPI Demo application - The ESAPI Swingset
JAVA 1.4 compatible JAR for ESAPI v1.4 - ESAPI v1.4 Complete JAR file
Java 1.4 compatible JAR for ESAPI v1.4 - ESAPI v1.4 Basic JAR file
Source files for ESAPI v1.4 - ESAPI v1.4 Source archive
ESAPI Google Code repository
ESAPI Javadocs
Javadocs' information generation
Problems with the ESAPI may be reported here