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8. Flash Cookies and Privacy
9. Flash Cookies and Privacy

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OWASP Podcast News

OWASP NEWS April 2009

OWASP General News

Global Committees progress
What should the next OWASP Top 10 contain?
Upcoming Conferences
Season of Code 2009
Board Mins.

OWASP AppSec News

6/1 The State of Web Application and Data Security
6/3 The Encryption Myth
6/16 Opera Invites You To Join The Cloud
6/16 Google Cloud Told To Encrypt Itself
6/20 Nevada Mandates PCI
6/30 OWASP Security Spending Benchmarks Project for Q2 Published

August-September 2009

1. The Top Cyber Security Risks (SANS)

2. Google to deliver “Government Cloud” in 2010

3. Overcoming Objections to an Application Security Program

4. Wordpress Bugs…A Disturbing Vulnerability

5. SSL Threat Model

6. Malware Lingers Months on Infected PCs

7. Are Web Application Security Testing Tools a Waste of Money

8. Application Vulnerability Scanners Should Communicate with Application Firewalls

9. Flash Cookies and Privacy