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OWASP Securing WebGoat using ModSecurity Project

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1.1 Background

1.2 Purpose

1.3 Tasks and deliverables

1.4 Project member comments at 100%

1.5 Future development and long-term vision

1.6 Contributors


2.1 Overview

2.2 How it works

2.3 Lesson Table Of Contents

2.4 Overview of lesson results

ModSecurity protecting WebGoat

3.1 Project Setup and Environment

3.2 Doing the WebGoat lessons - tips and tricks

3.3 Testing ModSecurity rules - tips and tricks

3.4 Project organization

3.4.1 ModSecurity rules

3.4.2 SecDirData directory

3.4.3 Error pages

3.4.4 Informational and debug messages

Mitigating the WebGoat lessons

4.1 Project metrics at 50% completion

4.2 Project metrics at 100% completion

4.3 Sublessons that do not count or were not solved (and why)

4.4 Unfinished business

4.4.1 Concurrent file access

4.4.2 Lua security in ModSecurity

4.5 Overall strategy

4.6 Reviewer comments

4.7 Using the Lua scripting language

4.8 Using Javascript 'prepend' and 'append'

4.9 Structure of mitigating a lesson

4.10 The mitigating solutions

Appendix A: WebGoat lesson plans and solutions

Appendix B: Project solution files

Appendix C: Building the Lua library and standalone executable

Appendix D: Additional important stuff (e.g. wiki in Word doc, fixes)

D.1 This wiki in a Word doc

D.2 Other material

D.3 Fixes/enhancements