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OWASP Java XML Templates Project

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Hi Jeff,

Please fill in here as you find best.

Paulo Coimbra

Project About

What does this OWASP project offer you?
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what is this project?
Name: OWASP Java XML Templates Project (home page)
Purpose: JXT is a fast and secure XHTML-compliant template language that runs on a model similar to JSP. JXT provides automatic context-aware encoding of data to make it easy to avoid OWASP Top Ten Project #2 web-application security risks Cross-site Scripting.

By providing automatic context aware escaping, JXT relieves the developer of having to think through the various contexts and appropriate escaping method required--allowing them to focus on coding the application. It also helps make the application more robust--it is easy to forget an escape after late night coding sessions after long hours. An additional benefit, perhaps not obvious at first, is that the automatic escaping provides for shorter syntax, and thus more readable code.

License: New BSD
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current release
JXT v1.0 - Feb 05, 2011 - (download)
Release description: This is the first release candidate for JXT 1.0. The "RC" label is an indication that we believe this is at or very near release quality. Feedback is welcome.
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