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OWASP German Language Project

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Welcome to the German Language Project

The German Languages Project is a new OWASP Project that will provide a foundation and common terminology for German translations of OWASP documents. Furthermore, it will organize, plan and priorize new translation projects.

If you'd like to participate please join our mailinglist.

Finished Translations


  • OWASP ASVS - Release 1.0 (PDF, Word)

Ongoing Translations


Planed Translations



The following lists contains accepted German translations for English application security terms. Existing terms that are not practical used

  • Access Control – Zugriffskontrolle
  • Application Security – Anwendungssicherheit
  • Authentisierung – Authentication
  • Backdoor – Hintertür
  • Cryptographic module - Kryptographisches Modul
  • Design Verification – Designverification
  • Input Validation – Eingabevalidierung
  • Internal Verification – Interne Verifikation
  • Malware - Schadprogramm
  • Malicious Code - Schadcode
  • Output Validation – Eingabevalidierung
  • Security Configuration – Sicherheitskonfiguration
  • Security Architecture – Sicherheitsarchitektur
  • Security Control - Sicherheitsmechanismus
  • Threat Modeling – Bedrohungsmodellierung

The following lists contains English application security terms that are widely used and accepted in German too and can (or should) therefore be used instead of a translation:

  • Access Controls
  • Blacklist
  • Easter Egg
  • Encoding
  • Escaping
  • Security Control
  • Target of Verification (TOV)
  • Threat Modeling
  • Whitelist

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