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OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006 - Notes

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If you want to help with this project, here are some to-dos:

Current Marketing Strategy

  • Link this OAC page from the main Owasp.Org website
  • Make a little banner add which can be inserted in the main Owasp.Org website (and on websites that want to help)
  • Send an email to all OWASP email subscribers
  • Send an email to key mailing lists (webappsec, sc-l, etc...)
  • Write Press Release and distribute it (OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006 : Press Release)
  • Create several articles and get them published (also try to get interviews by respected IT media)
  • Do a 'Sponsorship' push, where current members (and prospective members) are contacted to see if they want to sponsor specific projects.
  • Contact the OWASP chapters directly and ask them to publicize OAC at their local meetings