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[Hacme Bank info will go here]
#Redirect [[:OWASP_O2_Platform/WIKI/Using_O2_on:_HacmeBank]]
Since the Foundstone HacmeBank tool was released with an Open Source License, we can host a copy here and add more tests to it as soon as they are ready (i.e. we don't need to wait for Foundstone's release cycles)
== Notes: ==
'''Removing 'OnlyAllowLocalAccess' restriction'''
By default (to prevent accidental exploitation) non-local requests are not allowed (i.e. only will work).
To allow such accesses, edit the Hacme Bank's website web.config (in HacmeBank_v2_Website folder) and comment out the HttpModule_onlyAllowLocalAccess line in the <httpModules> section.
To also access (and 'unprotect') the Webservices, remove the same line from the web.config file that is in the HacmeBank_v2_WS folder
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