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Global Industry Committee - Application 1

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Applicant's Name Colin Watson
Current and past OWASP Roles
  • EU Summit 08 - OWASP Awards working session chair
  • EU Summit 08 - Event organisational assistance
  • Coordination of OWASP UK chapters' response (London#Other_Activities) to the UK's Central Office of Information draft document on browser standards for public websites
  • Participation in nomination of OWASP for Nominet Best Practice Awards 2008
  • Speaker at OWASP London chapter meeting
  • Individual member
Committee Applying for OWASP Global Industry Committee.

Please be aware that for an application to be considered by the board, you MUST have 5 recommendations. An incomplete application will not be considered for vote.

Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Eduardo V. C. Neves Positive Security Project Leader and Education Global Committee Member Colin is hands on professional which is able to make thinks done very quickly and in a high quality fashion. I believe that he will be a great member for this committee.
2 David Rook OWASP Code Review Guide Contributor, OWASP Ireland Contributor Colin has the drive and knowledge to lead OWASP efforts at the committee level. He has excellent knowledge across many security areas and a professional positive attitude towards helping people understand and embrace information security.
3 Paulo Coimbra Project Manager Colin Watson was one of the OWASP Summit co-organizers. To me, his performance was absolutely outstanding. His calm reliability can be a valuable asset.
4 David Campbell Industry Committee Member Colin was instrumental in organizing the Portugal Summit, and provided much valuable input to the Intra Gov't affairs working group. He will be a great asset to the Industry committee.