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Dead Code: Unused Field

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#REDIRECT Failure to follow guideline/specification

Last revision (mm/dd/yy): 05/27/2009


This field is never accessed, except perhaps by dead code. It is likely that the field is simply vestigial, but it is also possible that the unused field points out a bug.

Risk Factors

  • Talk about the factors that make this vulnerability likely or unlikely to actually happen
  • Discuss the technical impact of a successful exploit of this vulnerability
  • Consider the likely [business impacts] of a successful attack


Example 1

The field named glue is not used in the following class. The author of the class has accidentally put quotes around the field name, transforming it into a string constant.

	public class Dead {
	  String glue;
	  public String getGlue() {
		return "glue";

Example 2

The field named glue is used in the following class, but only from a method that is never called.

	public class Dead {
	  String glue;
	  private String getGlue() {
		return glue;

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