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Charlotte Chapter Meeting 2012-02-22

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22 February 2012 was our first meeting at Classic Graphics. Many thanks to Classic for hosting and providing pizza and drinks before the meeting.

Meet and Greet

Our first order of business was to meet and greet. Professional and student chapters were represented. Brian of Classic also gave us a tour of the facility, which was really cool.


Will Stranathan announced he would like to step down as Chair of the Charlotte Chapter in order to focus on projects within the chapter. The floor was open for nominations, and Jon Molesa was chosen as the new chapter chair.

The chapter also decided to have a Chapter Board. Initially seven people self-nominated for the Board, but a decision was later made to reduce that number to three plus the Chair.

Code Jams

In an effort to start producing and having some contributions back to the OWASP Community, we're hoping to organize some Code Jams - very quick wins that still are good contributions to code, exploit examples, documentation, etc.

Also, we still have our long-term goal to work on a hardened Drupal packaging with hooks to Appsensor


Classic has offered to allow us to use their facility for future meetings. They will also sponsor our membership to Meetup. Regular meetings will be the third Wednesday of evert month at Classic.