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Project Name OWASP Source Code Review OWASP-Projects Project
Short Project Description The objectives of this project are: 1. Develop and document a workflow for FLOSS projects to incorporate static analysis into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); 2. Apply the above workflow as a required step for OWASP projects; 3. Aid in auditing select FLOSS projects to create a baseline for comparing security amongst FLOSS projects.
Project key Information Project Leader
Dan Cornell
SoC's Project Leader
James Walden
Project Contributors
Justin Derry
Maureen Doyle
Michael Whelan
Grant Welch
Mailing list
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Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0
Project Type
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Release Quality
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The OWASP Source Code Review integrates OWASP projects with the Fortify Open Review Process. Therefore, any open source project using this workflow must first be added as an OWASP project as illustrated in File:Workflow Draft1.pdf.

As described in the Fortify Open Review Process, the Project Lead or Source Code Review Lead can choose between a continuous evaluation, where SCA is done weekly, or one time analysis. The single analysis requires the evaluator to submit a Fortify output file, which requires the evaluator to own a copy of Fortify. The continuous evaluation is automated and in accordance with the [ OWASP Code Review Guide], these results can be used to remove common problems. The common problems, along with other software errors exposed by findBugs, will be documented as known problems.

The single analysis or any one of the continuous analysis can be followed by a code review Manual Review as described in the OWASP Open Review Project.

OWASP Projects Scanned











Non-OWASP projects scanned in MediaWiki, WordPress, and many others. See for details.

Get involved

We need OWASP project leaders to submit their projects for review. We will work with you to upload your project and review the findings, so that we can get each OWASP project to show zero defects.

Please go to to subscribe to the list to contact us. You can post to the mailing list by emailing [1].


Project lead: James Walden

Contributors: Maureen Doyle, Grant Welch, Michael Whelan

Reviewers: Marco Morano, Alex Fry

Fortify Software has generously made their Source Code Analyzer (SCA) technology available for use by open source projects at

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